My first non drug induced hallucination

well i think it was an overload of stress that caused. it was when i tried to hike to california. i had walked over 200 miles into southern illinois before i was brought into jail. i had hiked 200 miles on only 2 jars of peanut butter and a potato salad from walmart.

anyways when i got to jail, my charge was failure to identify officially, but those were dropped. anyways when i got to jail, i refused to eat, thinking i would go on a spiritual fast and wait for my release and justice to be done. well what ended up happening was they held me longer than i thought, and the judge was a conservative prick who didn’t think i was within my rights. so my little fast turned into 13 long days and nights of not eating nothing.

i was already diagnosed with schizophrenia, about a year prior, i was given meds, but they caused side effects and i thought i didn’t need them. i had a drug induced hallucination at age 20 but it ended when i came down and i never hallucinated again until this time in illinois at ge 26 or 27.

so anyway it started with me hearing my brother’s voice, he kept telling me that mom and dad had died, and other things, i entertained these thoughts but didn’t believe my brother, i started to think of him as rather sinister, i felt like they were testing me. then after that i started to see cartoon characters on all the walls in my cell dancing around playing instruments. i was in a padded cell and ill add i was completely naked, i had taking off my clothes like king david in the bible, proclaiming only god can judge me or something.

then i started to hear voices from all kinds of people childhood friends, family other than my brother, still my brother, and my doctor who had diagnosed me, she was the worst her words tormented me. actually the whole thing tormented me, it was like i was a lab rat being experimented on by higher beings.

so this went on for a few days, my wild vivid hallucinations, and one day i started to see the jailer as an evil creature, like a cannibalistic monster who was part bird part man, for some reason he wasn’t interested in eating me, but changed back into human form when going past my cell. i thought there was this big whole struggle inside the jail and i was so important not to be affected by it.

then after they took me out of the padded cell, i finally relented, and ate a bag of corn chips. i felt a little better, but i didn’t want to touch any of the meat they were serving as i was vegetarian at the time. so eventually i called home to mom and dad, and by doing so was identified, mom and dad drove to illinois and picked me up from jail, and i never heard another word about the failure to identify charges.

â– â– â– â–  went from normal, to crazy auditory and visual hallucinations in about a week, probably triggered from the stress of not sleeping much, fasting, and too much physical activity. like hiking 200 miles. and then the voices were with me from then on even with meds in some form or another.


i will also add that it’s probably a good thing i was wasnt eating, as all there was in my padded cell was a drain, no toilet. i pissed in it every morning and got pee splatter on the cell. it was disgusting. if i would have ate there would have been a pile of poo. i can’t believe some of these law and order people who subject inmates to the most dehumanizing living conditions.

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also the police officer who arrested me was a former marine, he gave me a story after a couple days in jail of his fear of his daughter growing up and being ruined by outside forces. then when i refused to voluntary walk into my cell by my own power, he physically forced me into, then he said “scumbag”.

he was trying to persuade me to see his side of the story i guess, but at best i realized we had different truths. my worst thougths was wishing he never come back from war. and that he is blind to himself.

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Tough story Lifer, i have never been to jail.

Remember salt, sugar if you eat like this in crisis.
Low levels of salt and low sugar in your blood can cause delusions. I know that from my own experience.

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