My first moose encounter

It was just getting dark I step outside for a smoke and things were real quiet as I was listening I heard off into the woods these deep thud like noises. I spotted a silhouette of something large. It made it’s way into a clearing finally. It reared its head up and looked at me and I was like good thing I’m by my front door. It was one huge experience the size of that moose.


Are they aggressive even when not disturbed? I only know deer which have never been aggressive.

The only moose encounter I remember is “Arnold Sw…” facing a Moose in the movie “Jingle All The Way”.

Good thing you were close to Home, Moose have been known to be aggressive towards Humans

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Hey, LWD1982, when did you start using moose in your hair?

Moose have been in this territory far longer than humans. We tolerate them vice versa. If you unfortunately find your in the position near their calves and them they could find you as a threat.

Indeed I think if you approach them it’s not a wise idea, they would probably startle and walk off. That is if they are not defending their calves.

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I’ve never seen a real moose.

Hehe good one that gel stuff aw I ain’t used that stuff in years man :slight_smile:

Unforgettable experience

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i love nature :deciduous_tree: …even the ones that try to eat you :bear:
…or :snake: kill you :grimacing:
or bite you :ant:
or trample you :elephant:
or hunt you :wolf:
or lick you to death :dog:
or scare you :mouse:…" AARRHHhhhhhh !?!
…okay i’m finished now !?!
take care :alien:

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