My first girlfriend when i was 16

we dated 6 to 8 months, after about 3 months she would go to clubs with her friends. i was jealous thinking she was dancing and flirting with guys. i didn’t break up with her, we both just kinda stopped talking and lost interest in each other. was i wrong to be jealous? would you like it if your girlfriend or boyfriend was going to clubs without you?

I probably wouldn’t like it.

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At 16 I probably would have reacted the same way. Nowadays, I can be like “hey Mr. Star I miss my best guy friend, im gonna go visit him for a few days” and he wil be like “tell him I say hi, drive safe, love you, bye”

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yeah it wouldn’t affect me as much now. but it was my first relationship. my later relationships were much better and my jealousy mellowed out. to this day ive never been to a dance club haha. but been in my share of hole in the wall bars.

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