My first boss's wife is 107 years old

I worked as a car hop in an A &W root beer stand when I was 14.


I wish to be as old someday

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I atleast want to live until 113 just so I can say I’m a teenager again lol


youd be a hundred and teenager

I remember them are they still around?

You mean A&W? I’m not sure. The one I worked for has changed to some other chain.

yeah i meant them. think they closed here. used to sit at the mall years ago and enjoy their food.

Yeah, there’s an A&W down the street from here.

One of my grandma’s was 104.
That’s pretty old!

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Yeah, I remember. We established that fact about a year or two ago, lol. I didn’t know you were 14 when you worked there though.

I got my first job as a dishwasher when I was 17. I told them I was 18 on the application because the law was that you had to be 18 to be able to work at night and the job was at night.

And by the way, I’ll have a Poppa burger and fries and root beer in a glass mug.
See, @chordy you’re not the only one with a good memory, lol.

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What size root beer? We have baby, medium and large.

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All three…


i liked the root beer float and a loaded hot dog. lol not exactly health food but good times back then. Was a great place to rest while the kids discussed the shopping plan.

I wonder if anyone has ever eaten the whole family at a&w.
Baby, teen,mama,papa,grandpa and uncle :joy:

My husbands grand mother is 108. I want to go after my kids are established in life

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