My finals - oh boy

Hi guys,

I’m trying to finish up final assignments for my classes.
I know what I wanna write about for my paper assignments. I just get into mental paralysis every time I open a document to work on it. And the thing is I wanna do other study revision for exams first because I feel like I have good study techniques for tests.

It’s usually like this, I get so caught up in doing papers last minute that I don’t even got a single moment to prepare for tests anymore. My teachers say to students it’s about time management. tbh I do take to plan out a schedule with breaks each day. idk maybe i end up thinking too much about it or getting scared of the actual grades for the classes.

The one thing I don’t want to do is be absent for class, but I’ve ended up doing that a lot ever since I was a freshman in my current uni. My school knows about my sz and they’re very supportive. It’s just that they sometimes misunderstand my reasons for not attending class or not doing assignments.

It’s hard. I keep getting yelled at for not going by both my family and my teachers. Its super hard to focus and hard to keep a straight face when listening to the lecture. I feel so horrible in class sometimes even though I really wanna learn. It kinda sucks when you really like school and wanna pursue a lot of things but your sz holds you back.

As of now Im not too upset or anything. I just feel a little panicky as usual because I haven’t really done much work yet and I’m about to go to my doctor and get my meds.

thx for reading. pls give me some advice if youve got some. thx!

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What are you going to be writing about?

I think the first paragraph is the hardest.

What subjects are you writing about?

It’s about China and Taiwan relations. I’ve got the first paragraph done actually.its a paper that should be only 1000 words max lol and the other paper I have is also almost done. I guess from what I’ve just said, I don’t really have an issue. I just need to get it done since I’m more than half way finished with them…sorry to be such a drama queen haha xD


Everything is pretty political science based. Global politics, economics, all that good stuff:slight_smile: which I enjoy. I think just the terms “homework” or “assignment” is what’s triggering me lol

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My advice to you would be like make yourself write a set amount of sentences and then take a short break?

It’s good that your school is supportive! As for going to class maybe treat yourself to something you like but only if you go to class? That’s what I do.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies!

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Oh that sounds like a good technique! I’ll try doing that!!

Thanks Noise^^

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