My FIERECE struggle with my voices

My voices and intrusive thoughts are HATEFUL.
They want to take away my mathematics.
Telling me to do other things , to play with ■■■■.
I want to do MATHEMATICS, to be a university lecturer in Israel in the department of mathematics.
Every time my SCUM voices, may whoever sends them BURN IN HELL,


I am so so sorry, @Chess24. Please talk to your pdoc about this.


Hey man I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. Try to avoid stress as much as you can. Sleep, avoid smoking, research if you have celiac disease, breathe…how are you feeling now?

Distract yourself with mathematical problems.

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Do you know by chance what QRADPALAX means?

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@Chess24, PHD is required for any professor /lecturer job. So you can go for it.

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Ah jeez!

That’s just awful. I am sorry you are going through this!

I wish I had better things to tell you but meds might be the answer.

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