My fears about my new job

In my first weeks as being a manager I am scared people don’t like me. I try to be nice to them as it is a new change. But in the evening I have some voices as I haven’t had in years. It makes me question myself … I am just trying to be good at my new job


Part of being a manager is accepting that some people will hate you just for being a manager. I’m sure you’re a good, fair manager, but that’s not always enough for everyone. Remind yourself that people don’t have to like you in order for you to do a good job. You should mention your symptoms to your doctor, because during major life changes symptoms can act up. Sometimes we need more therapy during those times, sometimes we need a temporary med increase.


Those are some very wise words thank you @ninjastar

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I have been more or less symptom free for some years but from time to time get some weird delusional beliefs that can embarass me but aren’t really too far fetched… but to hear some mild voices again scares me

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