My favourite song ATM


What your favourite song…?

Right now I like this

Tupac the lyrics of the song I posted there are magic

and make me feel very well


the song lyrics of my favourite song.

Give It Up

Hothouse Flowers

Well, I’m coming face to face with my conscience
Coming to an understanding of myself
Clear out all the old cobwebs
Clear out all the old books from the shelf

This song is inspired by a good man and his tune
Thinking good of others sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to you
It doesn’t really matter if you’re all jumbled up inside
As long as you know that love is endless and the world is wide
As long as you know

Give it up
Share it out
Help, help who you can
Talk about it

It’s late in the morning, close to the time
And Mary’s in the alley she never stops smiling
Always love to see her she means a lot to me
But I know she’s got a hard time trying to make ends meet

Give it up
Share it out
Help who you can
Talk about it

Right now my favorite, is this song by UNKLE

Well…, I’ll Jus Leave Thus Here. Puhleeze N-Joi!.

And!, One More For A Trance Of Good Luck!.

Why Not One More, Happy Days, Are Here Again. . .

More or less any version of ‘This must be the place’ EXCEPT for the cover Arcade Fire did.

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