My favorite people all smoked

Einstein, Max Martin, Eddie Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. They all smoked tobacco. I think about quitting but I feel it helps me ground, relax and center. I also get great ideas from it. My dad says if I don’t quit by 40 (I’m 38 now) he will disinherit me. I quit once before when I was about 25 and stayed off of it for about 6 or 7 years. I quit cold turkey. I remember it was 5-6 weeks of hell. This is tough. I tried doing the vaping thing but I didn’t enjoy it like a good cigarette. So should I quit?

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I wouldnt worry about it, the govt is gonna ruin cigarettes any time now. There was a news post about it on this forum. U will switch to vaping then. It really depends on ur values, i dont value my life and i wanna die, so i feel good the more i smoke. I dont know what ur experience is like.

That inheritance would sure be a great motivator for me to quit. On the bright side, if you don’t quit now, pretty soon you won’t be have to worry about inheritances or bad days or irritating neighbors or walking your dog every day because you will be dead from lung cancer or emphysema or heart disease. That’s the beauty of smoking.

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I just had a talk about this very thing today on another thread with my friend, @Montezuma.

You should quit.

My husband and I just quit this summer,

It was rough for him, but he did really well with the nicotine gum.

I still sneak one or two a day,

However I just got strange off brand light cigarettes that are absolutely disgusting in an effort to keep myself smoking.

Its working…

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Yes, I think it would be good if you quit.

I know it’s hard.

But just think of the positives.

Better breath, better health, more money in your wallet, better skin and hair. And of course preventing an early death (Don’t mean to scare ya, but all of us smokers have that kind of looming in the back of our minds).

Best of luck to ya!

I know it’s quite a journey. But you can do it :slight_smile:

My dads been smoking for fifty years. He has copd beginning stage. It’s killing him. His neighbor is on an oxygen tank because she smoked. Yeah yeah yeah so you know.

No pappai no quasall. Did I miss a ■■■■■■■ meeting with the coffee?

I was like you. Pack a day man from 14 till 39. loved it. Psydoc got some access to champix and suggested I try it. I didn’t even complete the course and haven’t had a smoke since 2009. Best thing I ever did for my health besides getting on psych drugs.

Romanticising it doesn’t make it any easier to give up but it’s a worthwhile thing. Here in Australia, smokes are taxed to hell…it’s like over $25 for a pack of 25’s. That was reason enough for me…

Ah just keep smokin. You’d waste the inheritance on smokes :joy:

Holy ■■■■ 25$ for a pack of Cig’s? That right there would make anybody quit my friend.

On the other hand been smoking since I was 12 , am 32 now and no signs of slowing down. Cigarettes are the only thing I have left since I had to quit doing drugs so I’m not quitting them too. Although like ESM said I don’t really value my life much so that’s why I don’t quit.

Did you know practically all old people past a certain year are racist? Like almost all of them! They are delightful old people, they have amazing stories, and it’s a detail that doesn’t come up all the time. But yeah these lovable old people are flaming bigots. The moral: don’t mimic everything your heroes did, just the good parts.

Those people you listed sucked in poison everyday and thought it was a good idea. That’s insane (and I’m insane, so I know). Quit the cancer sticks.

I smoked 2 packs a day for years.
I quit cold turkey and never looked back.

I couldn’t stop. But here I am, stopped for greater than three years! Among other helps, my General Practitioner helped a lot.


There’s degrees of racism. By lumping whole age groups together as “flaming bigots” is misleading. I understand where you’re coming from but generalizing can be inaccurate.

All my favorite people are dead.