My favorite month has been a bust

usually i love this time of year, but my local weather is in a funk. to start the month, we we’re having temperatures 20 degrees lower than usual. in the 50’s with mostly clouds. it’s warmed up some but it is still cloudy and rainy. a little clouds and rain is typical for this time of the year. but it’s been almost 2 months of clouds with sporadic sun.

what i normally like about this time of year, is it is warm, in the 70’s fahrenheit, so not too warm. and i get to go to all the landscape nurseries looking at plants. but this year has been a total bust, none of that, and we have clouds and rain predicted for the rest of the month.

come june temperatures will be probably hot, mid 80’s and maybe even 90 degree weather. so it kinda sucks for me right now.


Sucks for all.
I fear 2020 is a bust, but carry on and look forward to 2021.
We have to go back to being loners.
That’s the old way but we have the training…….
it all about the serenity of Nature, thank God we still have that…


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