My favorite loose association

When my brain problem kicks in it shows up like this

There’s an arbor vita next to my garage, my brain tells me that’s either President George Bush or its my vagina. That’s how I know to call my pdoc.

I’ll call her today just because I told the story - lol

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For those in other languages, slang for Bush has many meanings , word salad.

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I wish I could enjoy your post, I speak other language, but I think I can somehow relate to it. Fortunately you know how your mind works. :slight_smile:

Well… In the United States bush can also mean a woman’s bushy pubic hair, so I find the word salad frustrating because my bush isn’t named George!

It’s been my signal to talk to my pdoc, she asks me about this one all the time, kinda funny for both of us sometimes. I read it in my chart one time, it’s written down

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Oh, that’s too funny, and at the same time, embarrassing. :blush:

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