My father would say "You're imagining things."

As if I hadn’t been hurt. He just couldn’t be bothered with a sick kid. I know, now, that he wouldn’t be bothered with his own sick self. It can be hard to say that we are worth the time and effort to deal with our sickness. We need to convince ourselves that we are worth it.

im sorry, for your hurt in the past.
yet optimistic thinking can only lead you so far…
ego no ego, global consciousness.

in the end we just dont know,how, why or what

That’s true. I’m sorry that your dad wasn’t there for you.

keep your ego intact…people just don’t have the ability to empathize sometimes. They lack it like they lack perfect vision and need glasses, they’re just inept sometimes…it’s best to realize when someone is no good to talk to and talk to someone else. One of my friends went on a drunken rant about how schizophrenia is no big deal and they dont need medication…i kicked him out of the house

Thanks for your answers. I try to understand my father but sometimes the child in me rebels. He had a very difficult life in that he was born into wealth and the family lost everything when he was a teen. He came to the US not knowing English and being forced to learn a working man’s world when he had always thought he would have a life of leisure. And it was very difficult for him to accept that his wife had to be a domestic and take care of the children because that was all done by hired help when he was young. Life really gave him a kick in the pants, but I’m thinking maybe, by the time he died, he had learned enough to be grateful for it.

Fear can cause people to deny another persons reality…as can being just to lazy to offer an explanation. It’s simply easier to deny things exist when it causes discomfort.