My father was always two faced

no wonder I hate the jackals of people in the world… been dealing with that ■■■■ for far too long.

They’re inherently corrupt. It’s funny that simple honesty is more difficult than lying.

“Just let me get away with it… please just let it look ok on the surface… I can’t handle the guilt or shame… and certainly not the embarrassment of having it known.”

Said by some surprisingly honesty narcisist I just fictitiously conjeuered.

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My father has been snubbing me lately…I used to think that that was a calculated attitude of wisdom…but lately I’ve begun to entertain the notion; though, not with great confidence and certaintude; that he might, and as pejorative as it might seem for me to profer, simply be, as one might term it, a scoundrel; at once projecting an ineptitude and disinterest in understanding his role in supporting the endurance and cohesion of the family and estate, yet all the while campaigning for respect and demonstrating the carriage of a person who feels as if he deserves to be feared; yet, realizing at once that he has not garnered respect and fear of his desired degree, begins to simply retreat into a reticent and passive disapproval of and disinterest in most aspects of basic social; and yet, further, societal intercourse.

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that sounds about like the exact condition here.

it has proven itself almost entirely uncoordinated.

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