My father was a worrier

“She’ll get pregnant and commit suicide.” was his unspoken fear. What a pain in the neck and a discourager of doing ANYTHING.

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I am sorry your father was like that.

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Me, too. But he’s gone now and I am grateful for the insight. It will help me tremendously.

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You have always had such a cool personality since i can remember @chordy


Maybe so, but I am still reclusive. I have to force myself to be with others and spend most of my time alone in my room. I do feel safe reaching out to this forum, though. What would I be without you?

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Do you have walks or other exercising?

Yes, I go to a gym and have some home exercises the home care hospital gave me to do after I had pneumonia. My provider says I’m more sociable than I think. Maybe she’s right. But I am a little afraid of getting hurt.

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