My father was a beef eating hater of children

He hated with such a force, you knew he wished you were dead. I could not fight him off until I was in my 40’s. It was all for attention. He was so deprived and immature. I avoided men and forgot that they can be irresistibly cute.

Yes, I’m sure it was the beef that did it.

Daughters are supposed to be close with their fathers … Just like a son with his mother.

If not, then they can lead a troubled life.

It’s just as important that kids have an opposite sex role model along with a same sex role model.

I knew from the title this was a chordy post.


What! You haven’t memorized my avatar!

I didnt see your a avatar. I saw mr. Squirrel when the thread topic came up because he was the last person to respond. The title just sounded like something you would write.

Better than a child-eating beef hater.

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Why did he have children if he hated them. I had an abusive step mother. I’m afraid of women.

I’m guessing it was selfish lust.

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If he hates his children, he is not a father.

Chordy, I think you have an unhealthy obsession with your parents. Have you tried talking to a therapist about it?

There are hateful fathers out there. Don’t be naive, @laetitia

I’m a cold person. This is why I obsess about the “unhealthy”. Therapists just say “uh huh”.

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I’m sorry you had such a cruel father. Every child deserves better than that.

I’m sorry. 1515

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