My father said I was decompressing

Interesting thing to hear. It’s also interesting to have day to day company in the house.

Like a magic bullet those words careened me into a new perspective a sudden sense of wherewithal… My be about time for me to make real steps forward in getting established here.

I can live on disability, but my money will be tight until about march… I want to get out from under this auto loan… however there is no real quick way to do it. I don’t have a car and the immediate employment options in my neighborhood aren’t all that promising.

All the same I’ve spent 99% of the last week in this apartment, apparently decompressing, and I can feel myself coming back together.

It’s nice ot have a break from all my past stressors… I feel more at peace with people and all that. Should probably just try to enjoy this for another week.

I went 76 hours without cigarettes or booze… coffee has been my best friend. All and all I feel pretty lazy though.

Just thought it was an interesting term and I already feel like I’m on the outside of it… or near to it. I miss my at-home gym equipment and my instruments. I still get weird moments where I feel like my cat is in the room… Hah, just yesterday was the first time I thought about Marcy… the second cat that joined rank just a couple months before my move.

Getting that sense of need to clamber for independence, but it’s been great to have such continuous interaction with my father. He really is a good guy.

He actually wrote a piece of software that simulated the process of researching the reproduction of fruit flies… It sold too. Sold the whole thing to some company… Snarfus Snarfus… a fictional insect. Pretty cool to see the documentation and all that. He’s never been a programmer otherwise, but I’ve been talking up a storm about my software ideas… and it was cool he could reciprocate.

I might put out a help-wanted for anyone with programming experience in the area… see if it’ll help my focus and make the daydreams seem a bit more attainable.


Good luck @Azley !

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