My father in law just tested positive for covid

My wife is distraught, of course. I have mixed feelings. Poor bugger has dementia badly enough it might just be better if he slipped away. He’s pretty miserable when he’s lucid, and that’s happening less and less.


I am so sorry.

You know my in-law story.

I know that mixed feelings feeling very well.

It’s a difficult mindset to be in.

I wish the best for the situation,

Whatever that may be.


I don’t wish him ill or want him dead per se, just not in my life would be preferable. I hate seeing my poor wife messed up. Uncool.



That’s a hard situation. Especially with dementia. Hope your aife can find some peaceif he does pass.

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Worked hospice, I’ve dealt with this a number of times.

It doesn’t make you a bad person to wish them an end of suffering. A release from torment and pain, loss of body, loss of mind.

Once had a patient actively beg me to smother her in her sleep, or overdose her, just to make it stop. I won’t lie and say I didn’t consider it for a split instant. But that’s not my place. That wasn’t why I was there.

Sometimes, letting go is the best course of action, I know I wouldn’t want to prolong my suffering for a lack of reason. Don’t want to put my family though that.


Hope he will be ok.


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