My father has pneumonia

My father with whom I have been over ten years has pneumonia at the elderly care facility. I hope that he will recover. His mother’s brother died to pneumonia around at the same age my father is now, this was years ago. In that year we lost three relatives within six month.

That’s sad man. Here’s to hoping he can pull through.

Yes, it is sad. During many years we have lived ups and downs, I saved his life few times, but if pneumonia takes him away, then it happens. I videotaped/ filmed and photographed his life during these years and these will remain after he has left, but I hope he will recover. Modern antibiotics are just very good.

It’s true that’s a battle they have been fighting for a long time. He probably has a good chance at recovering.

It may be just a coincidence, but when I waited for a bus last week to see my father, a woman rode on her bike and said to me ‘kylmää kyytiä’ which is one way in Finnish to say ‘on the way to death’ and so whatever happens with this pneumonia, it happens. I am in peace.


I hope your father recovers. If not, remember the good times. He has had a long life, talk to him and listen to what he has to say. I was beside my grandfsther and talked about life and death when he was dying in cancer.

I just visited him today at the elderly care facility and he seemed ok, although I could not really tell, because he slept at the time. I have all of his old photos since the 1940s, he was a sportsman at one time of his life, he even met Emil Zatopek, all these old photos and my videos shall also remain for the future generations.

hope he’s ok,

sucks losing a family member :frowning:

I hope he is ok - may God bless him - my folks are elderly and I am preparing myself when its their time.

My father is lucky that he is alive, many of his old friends have died, in my little town the average life expectancy of males is 72-74 years, he is already over 80.