My family took my adderall away

Now I feel I can’t do anything, can’t function. I want to move away but have no energy to.

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Why did they take it? Were you abusing it? :tiger::tiger::tiger:

I needed more than a typical person so maybe they thought I was abusing it. But without it, I can’t do anything and feel I am endangering myself.

Maybe you should talk to your doctor about trying something new. :sheep::sheep::sheep:

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I agree with @GrayBear. Make an appointment and discuss it with your dr. Maybe something else will help

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I can’t do anything without it. I’m like a dead person.

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Then tell that to your pdoc, and have your pdoc discuss it with your family

I don’t like my family. I don’t want them to talk to them.

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Well with that attitude you won’t get the help you need

That sucks that my life has to suck.

It doesn’t have to suck. Try to work on your relationship with your family. A therapist can help you with that

They’re evil. So no

Do you have a therapist? Maybe work with one to find ways to help you enjoy life a little better

It probably was contributing to your psychosis. So it’s not a bad thing that they took your adderall away


The dr ended my prescription of aderall. He said due to addiction risk and that it causes more paranoia. It sucks because it really did help me. His reasoning is sound though.

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