My family thinks

My family thinks I’ll be graduating college. I kind of dropped out half way through my bachelor’s year. My grades are horrible from my illness acting up, and there’s no money left to keep taking classes or start over. I’m stuck and I feel tempted to buy a fake degree until I catch up. What do I do? My mom was talking about throwing me a graduation party. I feel so ashamed.

Be honest. The truth will set you free :cow::cow::cow:


My brother dropped out of college and my mom had us all pretend for my grandparents that he got his degree 3 years later.

Have you been telling them you’ve been attending class all this time?

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Yeah, I’ve been telling them I was getting ahead with my classes and should be done soon. It was a lie that has now got out of hand. I really don’t want to tell them.

It sounds like their expectations are too high.

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They are for sure.

Do you have a therapists who could help you as a go-between to get the truth to your parents? You’re going to need some sort of support in telling them.


Can you say that you need to take a break right now due to various circumstances? Then they would know you put your studies on hold, so they wouldn’t be expecting an impending graduation, but they wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s been going on up until this point.

Edit: How hard would it be to actually tell the truth? Sometimes these things turn out better than we think.

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Well my parents have always valued academics and have high expectations. Even with them knowing I have Schizophrenia.

I’ll talk to my therapist about this.


Yeah someone needs to explain to them that due to the nature of the illness they may need to lower their expectations. It doesnt sound like they know this. I can tell you nobody ever explained this to my mom or me. I had to find out on my own.


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