My family opposes hospitalization

I have discussed hospitalization with my mother but my mother believes that hospitals are grueling places and would want me to stay home instead of going to the hospital.

I told my mother that I’m greatly suffering but she believes going to the hospital is a bad choice.

But thankfully my psychosis is getting under control more now, so I may not need hospitalization any longer.

My mother has stayed with me in the “waiting holding cell” when I was waiting admission in Canada, and since then she has opposed me going into the hospital more.

She’s also very opposed to the idea of getting diagnosed with sz again and wants me to maintain a psychotic depression diagnosis because she believes I would be blamed immediately when I drive. She believes I would never be able to get vehicle insurance.

I am not sure what to do right now. All I can do is wait for my psychosis to calm down.


Getting an accurate diagnosis will help you long term. A diagnosis in itself won’t prove you unfit to drive. Wanting to control your diagnosis is not a good concept. It is not up to you/your mum to decide what your diagnosis. You will get better help if your diagnosis is accurate.

That said I agree with your mother’s scepticism about hospitalisation and I think its worth noting that she is clearly trying to look out for you. MH hospitals are really horrible places from my very limited experience.

I’m glad you have a supportive mother.

The hospitals in Canada are fairly decent, which tells you how out of whack the mother is. I am politely disagreeing with you on this. I think WL’s mother is a vile person and I really wish WL could be free of her.

I think accurate treatment is more important than the diagnosis. If you have to mislead anyone or even flat out lie to get the psychotic depression diagnosis then that’s the wrong thing to do. If you’re not properly treated, you’re not safe to drive anyway.

I haven’t lied to anyone but my mom is convincing that I should lie to maintain the psychotic depression diagnosis. I am going to ignore her and just try to get the right diagnosis.

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I think she was shocked because of the severely mentally ill individuals in the two cells next to mine. She heard them screaming and said I wasn’t treated like a human in the cell. So yeah, I don’t know at this point why she is so opposed to it. It’s not the hospital’s fault- those people were just sicker than what state I was in.

I don’t like being in a psych hospital and am glad that I’m able to stay out of them since many years.

That being said they are sometimes necessary but I would use them as a last resort.

There are intermediate solutions like seeing your pdoc more frequently or going to a day center where you can spend time during the day and go at home in the evenings.

These services can depend on the nation you’re in but it would be worth discussing with your pdoc what your options are besides hospitalization.

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I’m so glad. I hope it helps you get the treatment you need

Home treatment is an option. They come to your home and treat you there, I went through hell some weeks back to prevent going to hospital. I should have gone but I was afraid of being kept there.

Hospitalization, for me, is worse than prison.

Regardless of what your mom thinks, it’s important to be candid with your pdoc so that you get the right diagnosis and the treatment you need.

In the U.S. they have the option for intensive outpatient treatment in a group setting. Its sometimes referred to as partial hospitalization or as an intensive outpatient program (IOP). You attend everyday Monday - Friday for several hours. Typically your medical team determines whether this is a good option versus hospitalization.

Maybe you have something like this in your country?


Yeah there is partial hospitalization here in Korea but I think it’s very hard to find them here in Korea. Most of them are in Seoul which is like an hour drive from here.

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How are you doing? Can you update us?

I’m still periodically losing touch with reality these days. I have appt at 26th at 3:30pm and I’m looking forward to it.

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That’s good to hear