My family is unsupportive, and I don't even care

I don’t know why this is… but I don’t care. My family is very unsupportive of me (my mom isn’t terrible, but she has her on problem). They are pretty insistent on my illness not existing. The weird thing is, I don’t care. I don’t care at all about what they think or feel or do or say. I don’t care about anything anymore. But the thing that drives me crazy, is that I have to spend time with them. If I could just lock myself away and never talk to them again, that would be fine with me. But they constantly insist on me being with them, they insist on me talking to their friends and their families, and being this entertaining, charismatic kid. When I am zoning out, or responding to questions from them or some idiotic friends of theirs with unrelated answers, or when I am mumbling to “myself”, they get mad. My dad will scream at me, my mom will say “go to your room because you are making everyone miserable” (Yeah, too f**king bad for them). Considering I have pretty much no ability to show emotions, it doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t hurt. But when I am forced to do all this crap for those imbeciles, it makes things much harder. Have any of you had experience with parents who were unsupportive and clearly didn’t understand what you were going through? How did you deal with them? And how did all of you deal with having to do crap with your families when you didn’t have the energy and functioning ability to do it? Thanks if you read all of this and I appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks guys.

Well I don’t know if I have any advice, but I can validate you by sharing my experiences with families who get mean. I once slapped my nephew because I got scared. I thought he was gonna hurt me so I hit him against an open door. So his Dad came home and has hated me ever since. I don’t think I’m ever gonna see them again.

Yes. What I didn’t do – and should have done – was made use of the counselors at my school. Those things I couldn’t share with my parent (only had one) I should have taken to the counseling staff. I engaged in a lot of self-destructive behaviour instead. Drinking, drugging, and criminal behaviour. I really wish I’d reached out to this resource in my early teens as it would have saved myself and everyone around me a lot of grief. Probably also gotten me treatment for some severe problems a lot sooner, not to mention removed from a horrific home situation.

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I never met my dad before he died so he’s kinda irrelevant to the topic. My mom has never acknowledged that I have any mental illness. Even when I bring it up in emails I may send her when we don’t talk face to face, she replies to everything but that stuff. The only time she ever even remotely discussed my mental illness was in the middle of where we both worked in public about how I needed to stop taking my psych meds because of all the side effects they could cause.

I don’t know how to change this. You can’t really make anyone do anything and I just stopped caring about it like you. Would’ve been nice if she at least called me when I was in the psych ward because she never has even after I went with her to most of her cancer appointments.

What really bugs me though is where she talks like she’s an expert on all mental illness because she worked in some kind of treatment center for less than a month for people with mental illness where they lived.

Exactly! My parents always pretend they know everything. I’m really sorry that your mom can’t understand that you have this serious illness, that must he horrible to deal with - my dad is more like your mom I think. And of course I’m really sorry about your dad.

Eh my mom is just a big joke to me these days with everything she’s done. She wasn’t even really around until I was 15 anyway.