My family don't support me at all

Hello. So last night, I was marching around my house and saying how the NSA were putting thoughts into my mind, reading them, and people were taking them out of my head and how they are mindless drones (my family) that are being run by the NSA. That may sound stupid to you but I still believe it, I’m just awake, I got knocked out with Xanax and I’m a little funny feeling. I still believe this really, it’s the only way to explain why I get voices, why I think crazy things etc and why it started to come on last year and wasn’t always there, an outside force must’ve put this in my mind. Anyway, I was extremely terrified that they were up the loft in my room putting these voices in my head last night. They don’t support me at all.

They tell me that I was acting it, that while being medicated that I shouldn’t be like that, sure, I shouldn’t, but I’ve only been on it for 2 weeks if that… And they think medication is a cure. It’s not a cure. So basically they think I just put it on, not sure why I would do that but yeah, it makes me feel like ■■■■. What should I do?

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we are russia, we has snowden, we know…

I believe that you aren’t just putting it on. I had lots of delusions of being spied on as well. But I didn’t have the delusion of people putting thoughts into my head, reading them, and taking them out of my head. Medicine isn’t a cure all. You have to also work towards consensus reality, if you want to. Why would the NSA target you? Why would the NSA control your family? Sorry that your family isn’t being supportive of you.

I had many insane, outside of reality thoughts. Coming to terms with your illness is the first step to recovery. It is hard to unbelief in a delusion, but just start to understand your illness better by doing research.

They target me and my family and the rest of mankind to make us mindless drones. They do it so they can wipe out the rest of mankind and take over this planet and the rest of the universe.

@meister these are delusions. How long have you started to think things like this and were you doing anything that could have changed your brain chemistry before this all happened.

I was just thinking why I was hearing voices, and then they were telling me why and this was it. And how long have I had what you call “delusions”, since 2012.

Alright… Just to prove to you it’s a delusion the last documented account of schizophrenia was in 592 A.D. Way before the NSA even existed. Your so called “delusions” most of the world in “reality” would not believe.

im worried… how do you know that fact?

But why wouldn’t they believe? It’s extremely logical.

God defies logic .

in someones opinion

Medication can treat schizophrenia. There is no cure.

I hope you can get on the right combination of meds and that they can help you feel better.

does that mean that the medicine you take isnt working yet or have you felt any different?

maybe just try to tell them that it takes a while sometimes for this medication to take effect, tell them its not a quick fix and that even if you are taking medication you might still have some symptoms that wont go away and sometimes the medication will not work at all and you might need another med.

there is so much to take into account when you are starting to take medication and sometimes people or parents dont realize that.

i would suggest that your parents talk to your nurse or care team and get all the information that they need about it and when you see them next you could tell them that your parents were hoping you would be all better and cured but you still had symptoms. take care.

the reason i never talk to my family about my psychotic symptoms and delusions is because they don’t support me either. They try to understand but they don’t. So don’t worry, you are not alone.

That reminds me of the time when I ended up in the hospital and I collapsed on the floor. Having been tagged with the famous title known to you all so well, they thought that I was just acting and so they just left me there until I came too and was left to taking care of myself. This was around the time that I had lost 27 pounds in just a few weeks, and had not slept also for several weeks. At that horrific point I actually could not even recall what it was like to go to sleep. I looked like hell.

This was not my first encounter with the 100% pure heartlessness of medical staff.

I would have gotten along far better with the Adolf Hitler himself even if I was Jewish.

Yep, that is what family is for, to make you feel like ■■■■, use you up, and hurt you.

I like watching them all pretend to love eachother as well, it’s rediculous, here comes the bus, who’s getting thrown under next?

I’ve experienced telepathy, it’s real, it isn’t without a scientific explanation either, now they even have technology that does it, thats a fact, they have machines that can read your mind and feelings. There are those that can converse with us in our minds yes, just watch out for the actors, they pretend to be whom they are not sometimes and mimick others.

I accept that you believe these things. I, on the other hand, have a different opinion. Please don’t take offense. I can see where you might believe these things. The government does do some things that it shouldn’t, but they don’t have the technology yet to make us mindless drones.

Ever watch the government in action?
I’d say everyone alive today is pretty safe from takeover.
Besides, if they wiped out mankind, where would they get their funding?

I think you are just putting it on.