My family doesnt believe in recovery for me

They think, that i’ll always suffer… Even my pdoc said it to my mom and since then, she repeats it as a mantra… I have some other ill friend and they have their good moments… Me, even when its not so painful per moments, its not ok either still… Themeds have limited help on me.
Idk, i wish i had a life where i dont feel non stop as an infirm…
What do you think about the happy life for us? Is it possible? With less pain too?? I guess nobody on this forum doesnt believe in the recovery, which is the mantra of the docs too…
Did your family believed and pushed you to regain a quasi normal life?

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My family and drs gave up. Not much they can do anyways.

I think my pdoc is giving up on me.
At least when it comes to prescribing new meds.

my family pretty much accepts it. My dad thinks I hallucinate all the time. I hope you get sorted out. You sound a little depressed. Hugs

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If they could actually cure schizophrenia, you could recover. They’ve done a lot more difficult things.


I don’t like my family. My sister in law taunted me about being unemployed in a barely veiled way and my brother did nothing. He didn’t even apologize on her behalf.

My mom has said some negative things regarding recovery but she’s no longer in the driver’s seat.

I no longer care much what they think.

My voices say that I will recover in 5 years. Me myself am more sceptical. After 9 years with this illness. But you never know. I would already be pleased if I could work part-time.

My pdoc has given up on me too. He’s referred me to state mental health team because my mental illness too “complex” for him to treat.

My mom…I don’t know if she accepts my sza and my dad doesn’t say much…my sister very supportive - she always reminds me the storms will pass. Don’t know what she thinks about recovery though…

It doesn’t matter what your family believes, it matters what you believe.


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