My Family Are Strangers

My mother would have been 92 today. She was my only source of family news. Tomorrow is my family reunion. I did not make it last year. I was on the way when my SUV act up, so I had to turn around. Tomorrow I will go. It has been two years now since I have seen any of them except one of my brothers, who came down earlier this year for a few hours.
I have two brothers, two sisters, eight nieces two nephews and I don’t know how many grand nieces and nephews.
These people are all strangers to me. Sometimes I wish I could just drive off into the sunset and never be heard from again.
At least it is at a nice park. It has a bike trail made from a old railroad right of way, that runs right by the park.
I will take Yosemite my Great Dane with me. He will need a walk on the bike trail. Every time the crowd get to be too much for me. His timing is amazing.


When I do stuff that I don’t like that much like birthday parties, Thanksgiving etc I am usually glad I did it afterwards.

Have you considered that you might have a good time?

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I will have a good time seeing my brothers and sisters. I don’t know my nieces or nephews or there kids.
It is just there are so many of them. I can only take so much and I have to get away for a little bit.


Family can be a bit much at times, once a year get togethers is plenty in my book.
You have the best kind of family ever- your dogs!
Hope you have a good time tomorrow in spite of it all.

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I think that you will have a good time @Ridgerunner.
At least you will have your trusty dog with you!
Enjoy the day!

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