My experience with Sarcosine

I’ve been on Sarcosine for several months now. I take three grams in the morning, and that lasts me the whole day. It’s really hard to tell if it has had an effect. It’s hard to tell if I am more engaged in constructive activity since I’ve started taking it because my activity patterns are so erratic. I go off on tangents of reading, writing, and exercise, and my schedule varies. I think I do get a lift from it though, and I have ordered another 180 grams. What’s your experience with Sarcosine been?

do you feel more sociable or talkative on sarcosine

I don’t think so. I’m a pretty closed person. When I interact in person I am very reserved. For something to change that I would think it would require some kind of radical treatment, like ECT or something, and even that is iffy. It might make other people more sociable, but it would take a minor miracle to do that to me.

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Do you have any people close to you who can give you an opinion if you are functioning better, worse, or the same - since you started taking the sarcosine? For example, parents or siblings or girlfriend or boyfriend?

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Ordered ProFrontal yesterday… can’t wait until it arrives…

If you didn’t know, ProFrontal is a mixture including Sarcosine. I’m hoping for some cognitive improvements, and praying for social improvements…

I live in an assisted living center for the mentally ill, and I am surrounded by fellow sz’s and sza’s. I don’t interact much, even for a sz. For a long time I have kept to myself. Sometimes people can get so used to seeing me one way that when I act only a little in another way they’re surprised by it. I haven’t gotten any comments from them since I started taking Sarcosine, though. I’m so entrenched in my own behavior that people pretty much take it for granted that I’m going to keep to myself. I really don’t think any med. is going to have much of an effect on me socially. I’ve taken Paxil before in the hope that I will become more social to no effect. I’ve made my peace with my solitude, and I get enough satisfaction out of the little bit I do interact. Most of the effect I was looking for from Sarcosine was in my personal habits - being more industrious and studious. Sometimes I think I have gotten that kind of an effect.