My experience with Nrf2 treatment

I have schizophrenia and lyme disease. Took Nrf2 for 2 months. Nrf2 = Protandim

If you decide to take it add Nrf1 too (not tried)

You will most likely get better from neuro depression. Listening to music now and feel no placebo effect but you got to be strong and patient for 2 months atleast… remember i have late stage lyme too.

Can’t lyme disease mimic schizophrenia? Maybe you don’t even have schizophrenia.

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I made my own Protandim from the component herbs (it’s a mixture of readily available herbs, nothing proprietary), and stopped taking it after learning green tea extract was tied to liver disease.

I’d take a mixture that didn’t have the green tea extract in it.

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Naturallycured interesting :slight_smile:

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I only responded to seroquel temporary im thinking its histamine did something to the lyme and never worked again.

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