My experience with multi-dimensional barb wire and electric pole rape

I am doing my best to cope with the things that have happened to me over the past 3+ years of hearing voices. One of the things I was recently reminded of was what the voices call “prison rape”. It happened to me a few months ago. At the time I was not only hearing voices but seeing their faces as well as the “sea” they were “raping” into and around the proximity of my body. Sometimes I would see electric poles and would be told that a “pole raper knew who I was”. These electric poles often seemed tensioned into place with the pressure created from coiling what appeared to be wires around the my body. They would wrap it in loops around my ears, neck, head and all the way down my body. I saw electric poles in and around my body for nearly 3 years, though I have not seen one in a few months.

Anyway one thing they did that normal people might not be able to believe is possible is they “raped” multiple barb wires into my actual body. They were put into my body at a spiraling angle and for over a solid month I had to walk the opposite way of the spiraled wire to remove it from being tensioned into my body.

It to me appeared to be coils of barb wire that were connected to an actual prison. I saw the prison, the walls, the wire, and the guard towers clearly when my eyes would show me what was wrong with my body.

Also when I was “walking my way out” of this mess of wire I felt very extreme uneven pressure around the outside of my body. To me the space around my body affects me, sometimes in very noticeable (to me) ways, as if there is weight on the space around me. I have seen paths, electric poles, objects, people and even architecture as if it was affixed in the space around the outside of my body.

I guess I am writing this because I don’t know how to cope with it. I don’t know anybody who can relate to me on “pole rape” or even “perpetual voice communication”. I don’t know anybody who can understand what it’s like to see AND FEEL barb wire in my body. Or somebody who knows what it’s like to have a malicious group of beings use their body.

I could go way into depth on how f’d up it feels to have your reality shattered by beings that pole rape to ■■■ a T in the Sea, but rather I was hoping some people on this forum might actually have had quasi-relatable experiences. Things that are very real to the person forced to experience them, but not to other people.

as sz we see all kinds of things…the good, the bad and the ugly…
i get operated on by aliens all the time at night…it does not bother me.
there is no sexual stuff…just gory operations.
sorry you are going through that.
take care :alien: