My exercise routine

first in the mornings, i will walk on the treadmill a mile, it takes about 20 minutes. then i get on my stationary bike and ride 15 minutes with a 5 minute rest after. then i get back on the treadmill and run 10 minutes, with a 10 minute cool down.

later in the day starting in may i will start to lift for an hour monday through friday, so 5 days a week with the weekends off.

i will do 1 exercise for 5 minutes doing a couple sets with some rest in between, here’s the 10 exercises i will do.

deep squats
bench press
pec flys
bicep curls
tricep curls
shoulder raises 1
shoulder raises 2
back rows

then i will do 10 minutes of abs
2 minutes of leg lifts
2 minutes of planks
2 minutes of crunches
2 minutes of medicinal ball twists
2 minutes rest

and that’s the workout routine i came up with for myself so 2 hours a day.


im going to be getting about 80grams a protein a day, i just totalled it up in my notebook. mostly beans (2 cans a day) but also some cheese and seeds. i won’t be big, but hopefully i will be fit with functional strength.


Show off :roll_eyes:, nah just kidding. That’s an impressive workout routine. I try to do some basics like calisthenics and resistance bands, but I’ve never really committed myself to an extensive workout routine.


Exercise is something that I really think helps sz. I just wish I was as dedicated at 30 when diagnosed as I am now approaching 50. It really has made a positive difference in my life for sure. Good luck and regular is good.


What are you guys quarantine exercise?

I do a twenty minute exercise DVD every day.

On top of that I do pump at home online Tuesday and Fridays.

Aaaaand I walk my brothers dogs three times a week for fourtyfive minutes.

My gym is closed because of corona virus.

That’s my exercise so far.

Hope to keep it up and not binge eat.


wow u guys do a lot!

I just go for a 20 minute walk every morning.

it is quite refreshing to do that

I like to listen to music and sometimes reflect a bit wen I do that

and wake up better

plus I do it in the mornings cos then I can shower after and that is refreshing too n makes me feel crisp


Today I lifted a Big Mac and a large fries. Now I’m exhausted, I can’t push myself like that too much, I don’t want to overdo it.


Almost every day, I do 20 to 40 minutes of yoga from either a yoga app or from pose sequences I’ve developed over the years from various sources. Afterwards, I do 10 consecutive, basic burpees. Keeps me in shape and feeling great!


I’m jealous.

I’m trying to get into walking long distances but I have a blister on my foot so o can’t go today, and Saturday and Sunday are RAIN!

I’m looking into buying a camelbak for when it gets super hot out.

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