My ex-wife called me a loser

It really is affecting me for some reason. I usually don’t get offended or anything. It’s hard to explain the emotion. I guess I would just say I’m kind of pissed. It’s motivating in a way also. Being called a loser must be something I think about myself. I can’t let it stand – so motivating.


Seems like that’s something any x would say

Hi @Tyme just ignore ur wife …i have a question for u…??? Do u work…!!!

Very true, should take it as a grain of salt.

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I’m going to school right now. I was working, but quit about 2 months ago. I’m going to look for another part time job though. Hopefully I will get hired at the movie theater. Free movies!

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That’s why she’s your ex.
Don’t take it to heart.


She doesn’t sound like somebody you need in your life. A toxic person perhaps. She probably has no understanding about what schizophrenia can do to a person.

I keep my guard up, so that those little jabs don’t hurt me. Every once in a while something gets through, though, and I get sore about it. I don’t say anything. I just sulk.

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Egg her house and take a ■■■■ on her front stoop. Because y’know… Just because.

Are you glad she’s your ex-wife or is the fact she is bothering you as well?

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