My ex sleeps through his alarm

And it always makes me think he’s dead. I worry so much about him. I always think he’s going to have another heart attack and this time he won’t be so lucky to live through it.

That’s ok, whenever I can’t get ahold of my daughter on the phone I think she’s been in a car accident because she’s a new driver. Or I think some other tragedy has occurred.

Whenever anybody does anything and they aren’t tucked into their homes safely I have anxiety about their safety. It’s something I’ve always had to worry about.

It reminds me of a dog we once had. He had some kind of shepherd in him and he always had to herd his people. Whenever one of us left he would wait outside for us to return and worry until our return. He would only rest if all of his herd was accounted for and safe. It was kind of cute when we were outside on the property he would run circles around us. But I digress. I guess I’m a lot like our old dog in that I want my herd to be safe.

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