My ex pdoc told me that

she told me that my questions about life are not my illness. i am still quite lost, probably i share the destiny of astefano here. he said once that he was one of the most ‘‘insane’’ people on the forum, i think that i could tell the same thing… too soon still for the meds to work,i hope it ll get better one day.

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my sz friend tells me that meds dont help anything, wow…she also said that she doesnt know anyone else who is living for so many years at his home like me :/…

don’t listen to negative people…
i hope you have a better day :rainbow:
keep going Anna1 it does get better… :heart:
take care :alien:

I told my psychologist that people were always saying I thought too much. He said he considered that a very unhelpful thing to say. Think better, not less.

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Told me that no one knew better about what medicines or doses to take than me, who was experiencing them.

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Well, she’s obviously wrong so don’t go off your medication because of her. It’s your life, not hers, so do what’s best for yourself.