My ex friends didnt respect me

Have you ever had someone in your life who didnt respect you?


That would be more people than I have time to type about. :smile:


Most people are disrespectful to me which is why I isolate.

I don’t want to be around people who disrespect me and give off hostile vibes etc

Not ok to treat me that way.

I never did self defence .
I don’t know martial arts.
But one time i physically attacked a girl who wouldn’t leave me alone nomatter how many times i asked her kindly she obsessively kept provoking me and was in my face.
“The teacher” made me stand alone looking in the corner all day with out lunch break.
I was maybe six or so.

I am so nice and I want to set boundaries and get people who don’t deserve me away from me more.
“My sister “ and her friends take on different identities n jobs around me and kind of obsessively stalk me and be fake and yuck vibes.

My x boyfriend’s friends disrespected me and didn’t like me except one of them loved me.the rest didn’t like me.
He never stood up to them.
He was a brave man in other areas but not when it came to his friends.he always had to agree of do as they or let them etc

Kate winslet and “my sister “ in other name attacked me and my fur baby when she was alive.
They attacked us hatefully.
They were jealous and hateful.
In all their identities they are this.
I want nothing to do with them.

I don’t trust people either.
Not even people “close” to me.
Some I trust a lot though but not entirely.

People walking down street give off hostile vibes at me.

I am alone kinda n I must have a people somewhere but where.


“I get no respect!” - Rodney Dangerfield :crazy_face:

In all seriousness some people can be pretty crappy with me. I just ignore them though or joke about them to even the scale.

Most people treat me with respect though. I’m a pretty easy going guy.


Yes. I’ve been lied about since going out with someone 6 years ago. I should have never gone out with him, but I felt old and didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone. Him or his friend tell ridiculous lies. I was paying for almost everything and had to sell plasma to pay my car payment, from going out with him and they are lying about me.

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