My ex ex ex from years ago just asked to borrow money

I’m sort of flipping out a little. I don’t know if I’m pissed or sad or worried or curious or what. Of course I told him no. I thought it was ridiculous. He wanted to borrow $35 until next Friday. He wanted me to PayPal it to him. I just got done PayPaling money to my daughter. I’m poor over here, trying to payoff my debt and be as good as I can with not you know buying too much stuff and these people think I have money. It’s ridiculous. He drinks. So no, I’m not paying for you to go get drunk, sorry. Sober up and then come talk to me. Pay me the $30,000 you owe me in child support and then come talk to me. Nope. I would be forever lending him money then. He thinks because he sends $80 a week child support arrears that I have money, but what he doesn’t know is that I send all that money plus some to the kids. So no. Not going to happen. Rant over.


Good decision imo.

You have to draw a clear line.

Otherwise it becomes a slippery slope and hell be asking for a bit more or at least ull be stressing over it in ur mind will he ask for more later. Not good for ur mental health.

It just doesn’t make sense like u say anyway since u are not together not even for a long while.

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Smart. Once you lend money to people it never stops. I’ve lent money to about 5 leeches in places I’ve lived in the past 25 years and once they hook you by lending them money a few times, they’ll just keep coming back forever. And I also know from experience that inevitably after several times lending them money they are going to start paying you back late. I’ve seen this pattern with all five bloodsuckers I lent money to, even if they are friends.

To them, you are the bank where they can get money whenever they feel like it. And yes, the longer it goes on they get in the habit of paying you back late or borrowing larger and larger amounts. I had an ex-roommate who we were friends for a short while and we both moved far apart but he still hounded me for money.

He was actually one person who almost always payed me back on time but the amounts got larger and we had a falling out and I thought I had seen the last of him and none to soon. He called three weeks later and actually tried to get me to lend him $800! I had the money but it would have emptied my bank account. I mean, I’m a lousy janitor for a living and he had no job and he expected me to risk losing $800 when we lived ten miles apart and we weren’t really friends anymore? And he thought this was a good idea.

I said no and that ended the friendship but he still owed me $60.00 from previously but he didn’t even have the decency or the class to pay me what he owed me. Gee, I wonder what would have happened if I loaned him the $800?

And lastly, another trick these guys pull to try to con you is to promise they will pay you back more than you’ve lent them. I had a guy who kept borrowing money who would always promise to give me an extra $20 more when I lent him money. He gave me this line so many times and I think in 4 months he did it once. Yeah, they’ll come up with any excuse in the book as to why they can’t pay you back on time.
And this is why I don’t lend money any more.

I came up with a saying that I learned from experience. “When you lend people money, it always ends up that they make their problems into your problems.” Smart move not lending the guy the money.

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Noooo! Do not give this person any money. He is not your problem, financially or otherwise. That is very weird & kinda arrogant that he asked you, must be desperate. It is in your best interests to have no contact with person, he’s your ex ex ex for good reasons.

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If you do it once he will come back for more in the future. Good for you for standing your ground.

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