My ex-boyfriend used LSD almost every day

and now he got in trouble with the real House of Representatives. Over Russian hacking. The transcript is online. How to handle this in light of my paranoias? It just seems like my paranoia is real because of all this…

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I don’t get it but then I have my own issues. I hope this gets worked out soon

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Are you sure this isn’t a delusion?


I found the transcript online.

Aren’t real official transcripts secret? This may be a delusion.


You speak of this trouble with the House of Representatives as if it was something current but that was years ago and if he was in real trouble he’d be in custody by now. I could be wrong but all this sounds like an older, less extreme delusion you had which now you’re trying to use to justify your current, more extreme, delusions.


These are unclassified. They mentioned it in the beginning.

Thanks maybe this is true.

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In the United States? I would think they don’t handle such things. This would be more for law enforcement such as the FBI
Btw What does his smoking LSD have to do with Russian hacking?

If it doesn’t concern you, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got enough on your plate already.

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Yes in the U.S. The LSD bit is sort of like being in psychosis so imagine these things really playing out in your reality after psychosis. That is what I worry about. Also someone in the car that was with us called my boyfriend a spook and he has the signs for it.

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