My episode was crazy

I don’t want to get into full detail about it but when I had I never felt like that in my life. No one could figure out what was wrong with me I didn’t want to get checked out by a dr, I fought off everyone who tried to get me go until one day I went in for my probation appointment and my probation officer said I’m taking you to the hospital. I said hell no I’m not going anywhere then he said you don’t have a choice. Well I was having the episode which lasted forever and in handcuffs on my way to the hospital. I get to the hospital and they ask all sorts of questions and before I know it I was in the physch ward for a very long time. After I got released I had to live in a group home for months and that wasn’t fun there was so many rules. Once I got stable I moved out and came back home. I think what you go through when your having a full fledged episode is devastating and life changing. I wish I wouldn’t of ever got it. I’d trade my ssi and great medical insurance to be healthy again. I can’t work the Dr won’t let drive I’m in a bad situation.

May I know what is probation appointment? Has it anything to do with policemen?