My entryway needed some help, so...I did this

This was my entryway before

Then I did this

And now here’s my entryway


Very cute!

What are you going to put on it?

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It’s for people’s stuff when they come over, like purses and gloves. It’s right next to the coat closet.

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My purse will end up there half the time when it’s not next to me on the sofa, I get sick of seeing it on the kitchen table

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Amen to that.

My dinning room table is a catch all for crap in my house.

Have to clean it off every freaking day.

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I know, it’s the same for me and it’s really irritating me. So I hung up that little shelf there in the entryway for mail, and now I have the bigger table, so that will help. But it would be nice to actually be able to sit at the table to eat without having to move stuff.

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I like the color of your new hall table. It’s bright and cheerful.

I like having a small table near the front door for my purse, keys, facemask.

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Thank you! I bought that one for the color, I loved it.

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