My email was hacked and it is so upsetting

So someone sent something about Oprah to about twenty people on my address book for one of my emails. My friend showed me today, he was one of the recipients. IT says it is from my name but the email address it is from is some car dealer’s email address which makes no sense. And, the recipients were only from my address book but no one new on there only people there a long time. In any case, I emailed them and apologized I am not me (good grief). Deleted my facebook too for now. Basically now the only two things I have online are this web site which seems ok and my school connection. Ah well they even emailed me, I got an email from me, lol. Can’t do anything else about it I guess. Ever been hacked? What became of it?

I’m being hacked. I get e-mails from “me”. But in Spanish.

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Hackers are wrong. My sister in law had a facebook account other than hers with her picture she didn’t post created a few weeks ago too. ANd my friend had his Plenty of Fish account hacked they put their picture on his profile and he’s livid. Guess there can’t be advancement in the world without criminals exploiting it and that is sad.

Sounds like spoofing rather than hacking. Anyone can do that very easily.

@desimb I am so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you are well otherwise.?

Damn them and their foul foul hackeries!

Sure, technology opens up whole new ways to commit crimes. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. The second fastest crime is people bugging me.

The most likely thing is that you have a mass mailing infection on your computer system. Are you running an antivirus? Have you scanned it?


Are you talking to Desimb? I run Norton which you are against but it usually works fine for me.

Desimb, yes, sorry.


No problem!..


Here is a trusted site I recommend to people looking for free help cleaning systems:

Sign up for a free account and put a post into the forum I linked to above. They will give you links to free software you can download and very clear instructions on the steps to take. Follow them and you will have a clean system. This won’t cost you anything but may take a couple of days as the help is provided for free by volunteers.

This will get rid of an infection if you have one.


I’m thinking pixel’s idea makes sense. This used to happen to me all the time at work. I would get emails from myself or other co-workers that they didn’t send.

I have had someone tell me that I had a virus because they got the virus from an email from me. Actually they didn’t. The email address was not one of mine even though it said my name. The issue/virus was on her own computer. They can be smart programs at making themselves look legit.

A good computer scan should find the issue if it really is on your computer.

I guess third party had managed to get the list of recipients from your address book. Perhaps you were the one authorized it long time ago. For example, some Web site may ask for your Google, Microsoft or Yahoo e-mail address to log onto theirs with your consent to allow that site to have access to profile, address book, calendar. These are common nowadays.