My ears hurt... but I may be an x-man

I had tubes put in back in January due to excessive fluid build up, and I went from not being able to hear anything to being able to hear everything.

Today I was chilling with my pet lizard and heard my dog’s heart beating in the other room. I kid you not. I even verified it so I would know I wasn’t hallucinating. Needless to say the puppers wasn’t happy about being awoken from his snoozle for a cardiovascular check.

Sounds hurt my ears now. My mom will be on the computer while I’m on the couch and the mouse clicking goes straight through my ears right to my brain and it sends a shooting pain down to my teeth.

Doc said that my hearing will even out a little bit but won’t go down much. Like the tubes make everything sound hollow, but the amplified sound is a baseline of sorts. Basically I never knew I had good hearing because the fluid was built up there for years. I started walking around with cotton balls.

So I’m not trying to brag, but Im basically a superhero.



You are the REAL Batman! Such fantastic ears, you can locate everything.

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