My earbud fell in coffee

And I’m thinking I will just let it dry out. I sort of need my earbuds for music appreciation homework.

This is off topic, but does anyone know if Apple earbuds dry out or do I need to get new one?

I have no idea. Use a hair dryer? I have Bose ones don’t like the apple ones.

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lol, it’s shouldn’t be a problem, been using mine in a lot of rainy days, days after, no problem… patience my young padawan, lol.

oh yeah, mines a Phillips ones, lost the old apple ones.

but theres only one to find out, lol.

yuk… !?!
take care :alien:


I hate it when ear wax gets in my coffee :smile:


Try putting it in a box with dry rice. This is supposed to desiccate it.


You will find out in a short while yourself, lol.