My dual diagnosis group yesterday at the mental health clubhouse

Went really well. I gave out some good advice and got good advice. The woman there was on 6 different psych meds including haldol clozaril lithium depakote, I forget the other two. She was having tremors and I was trying to help her…and gave her advice on smoking. And the guy who lead the group was African American with dreadlocks…he was really cool and he liked me a lot. We’re both jets fans and he said " I KNEW there was something special about Jon coming here this week!" They served plantain lasagna it was pretty good. Good experience overall I will go back next week.


Everyone was sz/a so was a good atmosphere

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Practically everyone has two diagnoses- good for you to find some people to work towards health with.

I’ve been shadowing/volunteering in outpatient under a therapist. It’s a really good resource for some people. My sister doesn’t like it, for example, it’s good for some not as good for others.

What is good is knowing that you are not alone. That much is totally certain. And I’m certain you should go back!

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