My driver's license was missing today

I discovered it missing when I got to the blood bank to donate. Luckily I had my US Passport Card on me to use as an ID. I was worried about it, but figured it must be in my apartment somewhere. I just got home and found it. It was in the money envelope the bank teller gave me when I cash advanced my credit card. I forgot to put my DL and credit card back in my wallet.


Back when had my own apartments and houses and actually did my own laundry, I several times I would lose my wallet and search everywhere only to find it in the last pair of jeans I wore in the laundry basket.


Mine was never lost only stolen 3x’s at homeless shelters… they couldn’t do much with it though. never had any money in it just id…

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Thanks Bowens. I was thinking maybe it was in one of my pockets in the dirty laundry, but I saw the money envelope on the table next to my chair first.

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Thanks @sweldon001. I was in transitional housing too back in 2008 when I was homeless. I slept in my clothes and had my wallet in my pants pocket. I don’t remember ever having my wallet stolen. I couldn’t find my checkbook once though, and the police department returned it to me. I have no idea how they came to have it.

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