My dr said I’m not sz most he can say is sza

The feeling of being watched all the time was prob my worst delusion. I also thought Obama was code word for me I. The newspapers

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Did you have to go to a psych ward

Yeah I was in a ward both times. While BP I was put in unwillingly 5 times. Since my hallucinations started 0

Whats worse the BP or SZ

I guess that going wacky as bipolar is worse than talking into a radiator all day

For other people

For me the sz was way worse. BP you generally feel ok but act stupid

Lol 15151555551

Makes sense I had mania when psychotic but not diagnosed as BP, I thought I was though but think the risperidone is treating the mania so its all under control. On 3mg Risperidone but want to quit smoking so I can lower my meds and maby move to abilify

I’m on 6 mg invega and I have no plans to change. I have no noticeable side effects

Are you still working?

I’m the same…when I hear them I have no doubt. At least now I think they were a little bit unreal

Yea I work as a supervisor at a call center is much more boring than when I was in corporate intelligence and a police reservist

I was controller for hedge funds, hundreds of millions and billions depending on the job… quite high stress

That sounds cool, do you play the stock market, I started dabbling in it a few months ago

Been in the stock market since for 20+ years. I didn’t always make money but I’d recommend AMD

Think it will double in next 12 months

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Thats cool thanks for the recommendation I only invest on the South African stock market in listed property funds

Another South African. Welcome :slight_smile:

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You guys are way smarter than me.

That sounds interesting given what they’re trying to do with land ownership there

Have you watched a beautiful mind?