My dr said I’m not sz most he can say is sza

This is my story

What did you hear last night? Was it faint?

I could hear them telling me I was doing bad things and saying I didn’t want to talk to them. It was clear enough. But I focused on other things and it faded away like flying thru space

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Fuuck 156161661515

Why say that? 1515

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It sounds unreal what they said, like not believable and it was clear enough. I haven’t got clear voices yet

I’ve accepted that they’ll always be there in the background somewhere. Sometimes they pop up other times not. But I never lose them completely. It’s reassuring and stressful at the same time.

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I can cope with voices dont have them anymore but I find delusions more serious

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same lol 1515115

I only had two episodes of delusions and there were before I heard voices. One was the mafia coming to kill me and the other was cameras in my apt

They were both really bad

sounds rough I thought the illuminati and the occult was after me and before that a spy agency which I really did work for , the spy agency that is not the illuminati

Were your voices lifelike and intelligent when you had them?

They were external almost like psychic communication and they gave me headaches

@anon47167357 if voices weren’t life like and intelligent would anyone here believe in them?

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So they weren’t smart or intelligent, like real people?

No they were real people that I knew I would see their images in my minds eye and they would communicate with me psychicallt

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Italy is caught up on the fact that his voices seemed real, when in fact that’s quite common

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I know the voices are not real when I am fine but problem is when psychotic delusional and think they real.

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I gained insight after a couple months and had doubts after about 3 weeks and I haven’t gone back

The delusions lasted months though, 2-3