My dr said I’m not sz most he can say is sza

What am I supposed to do with that?

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He said sz patients get worse over time

I’d probably point out sz doesn’t always get worse over time.


That’s BS. I have sz and have gotten better. Not cured but better.


That’s probably because every time someone with sz recovers, they get rediagnosed as sza :roll_eyes:


The main difference between sz and sza is the relative severity and duration of the mood disorder component. in terms of course of illness sza tends to be more episodic. the idea that sz always deteriorates over time and that this is a way of diagnostically distinguishing it from sza is wrong.


are you on mood stabilizers

Yeah I have BP so sza makes sense, but he some how makes it sound like something better

prognosis is on average better with sza than sz

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In the dsm it’s ranked as more severe

A priori classification of the patients into deteriorating, improving and stable (based on days hospitalized per year) revealed that approximately 75% of patients improved over time. Over time a majority of patients appear to improve and a minority appear to deteriorate.

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Problem is I have a wife that makes me shower and I come across in person as more normal than I am

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are you employed as well

No, got fired when I got sz and went catatonic and then went on disability

oh I see maby with the new diagnosis you will het better meds and function better

It’s not really new, I’m just frustrated that my dr doesn’t see the impairment I have fully

I can barely leave the house, let alone work


[quote=“Moonwalker, post:17, topic:169309”]
n barely leave the house, let alone work
thats tough, hows your positive symptoms

At my old address I’d got into the state of strip washing every 5-6 days and having a bath every couple of months. That was because there was no one to prompt me to do so . At the post diagnosis appointment I’ve previously mentioned I said I had no physical problems with washing etc. My stepdaughter said that if there was no one around to prompt me/mention if I’m slipping hygiene wise it would be a different story.

Much better now than when I was in total psychosis 24/7. I’ll hear them once in a while, heard them last night… but overwhelmingly they’re quite