My dog insists on coming outside with me whenever I have a smoke

It’s kind of annoying because then I have to wait for her to finish sniffing around for an hour to let her back in. I can’t really just leave her outside because our entry door is attached to the garage and with my dad coming and going out of the garage with the van all day she could easily escape out the big car door.


It’s such a pleasure for dogs to go outside and sniff around. They love it. I taught my dog the command stay for when I go outside and he can’t come with me. He looks sad when I say it, but he obeys. I love letting him in my fenced in backyard though. I’m very lucky to have that.


She’s a cutie!



Maybe get a leash and make her come in when you are ready. She will learn to come in, then.


Yes, get a leash.

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We have both a leash and a harness so I might try that.

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Who takes you for a walk then? :smiley:


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