My Dog has a trigger word

So I was just petting my dog coco and I said the word “strategy” and she looks at me. This was peculiar because she doesn’t normally just look at me out of no where like that. So this lead me to believe it was triggering for her. So I kept petting her and saying the word strategy and each and every time she looks at me with the same face.

So I think something happened to her long ago before I got her for her to act like this. Thoughts?

I would stop saying strategy.
Seriously though, it might mean that something long ago caused her to perk up or it might just be simply that it sounds funny to her ears and then the fact that you made a big deal about saying it over and over again might be why she gave you funny looks.

She gave me funny looks the first time I said it.

I’m just theorizing here. It might have been the first time she heard you say the word. Dogs can be extremely sensitive and intuitive. Her previous owner may have said the word but she might have heard you say it for the first time and she might have looked at you funny because of your tone or inflection when you said it. Who knows?


If I say WALK my dog goes insane. I think he is secretly a russian spy.


my old dog was mistreated as an infant pup before my aunt got him and then us and he would go and hide whenever you said the words bath, wash or belt, it also hated the hoover but i used to play with him under the covers and cushions because it was funny,

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Give him to me. I’ll waterboard him until he cracks and gives me the secret code.
My sisters dog does the same thing your dog does.

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But he is soo cute and a big sweetie


Yeah you’re right, he does look like a friendly chap.


He is quite the gentleman. My mother puts him in a little butler suit for Halloween all the time, and he is just adorable.

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Does your dog’s name sound like strategy? Or any other animal you own?

Her name is Coco, the others are Oreo and Tom.

There goes my theory!

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My cat Gus knows “SNAX” and “drawer” (where the SNAX are kept.) If you say either of those words, you’d better be ready to produce!


Be mindful of your tone. I’ve noticed dogs are way more responsive to tone/speed than words. I speak a certain way when alerting my dog that my mother or her husband have arrived home, my dog then goes nuts and runs to all the windows all excited. But I can use the same tone and speed and say, “THE POLICE HERE! THE COPS ARE HERE! HIDE THE DRUGS!” and my dog will act the exact same way.

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I feel like you’ve done that before lol

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