My dog doesn't have much time left


Tyler is a special corgi who we’ve had since I was in first grade. He sleeps in my room every night and farts like a beans addict, so I leave the door open and crank up the fan.

He’s like a person in a dog’s body… I love him.


I’m sorry. Dogs have a special place in our hearts just like humans. I hope you find a way to cope with his passing that is near.


Thanks @jukebox . Sorry about your Dad, man. You’ve got us on the forum to help you through it

He’s precious! What a cute picture :blush: So sorry he’s nearing the end :heart:

@Nomad I am so sorry. Your corgi looks so sweet. Cherish the time you have left with him. There is nothing better than a special dog—there’s just something so wonderful about looking into their eyes and feeling like they can see your soul and you can see theirs.

My “soul-mate” dog was my labrador retriever who passed away 2 years ago. I still think about her everyday but as time passes the sadness at losing her has slowly faded and what remains are the warm loving memories I have of the special 14 years we spent together. :two_hearts:

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I’m sorry about your dog, it always hurts like hell. I hope there’s a pet heaven

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I’m so sorry - it hurts like Hell

I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I lost my dog last year and I’m still mourning. Keep loving him

I’ve lost so many pets over the course of my life, you have my sympathy, it’s hard seeing them go, I mean their family. I have an 11 yearold cat right now I’m watching for signs of diabetes, he’s been with me for three years now and I couldn’t bare to part with the old guy.

But seriously, I’ve seen a ton of amazing animals pass in my life, we had a lot of pets.

i hate it when pets die, the last one we had was a good age but he went on xmas eve and we had to bury him in the middle of the night with a pitch fork, he was an amazing dog, i have a small picture of him at my mums just by the front door :slight_smile:

sorry about your pet, i hope he doesn’t suffer.

The burials yeah. Xmas eve jeeze man that’s rough. I remember when I was 17 I awoke to learn our dog Max had been hit out on the highway. My dad and I had to go out there with a wheelbarrow and bring his body home. I was the one pushing the wheelbarrow and I’m just staring at this lifeless body of who yesterday was Max. It was a cold dead inside feeling where you just do what needs to be done and not really think about it. We burried him in the backyard and I said a few words for him.

I’m sorry about your dog. Pets are loved family members. I have one dog and two cats gone to pet heaven.

I am so sorry. :frowning:

Any living creature, physical or non-physical, has a soul contract to be in this physical plane.

i’m sorry @Nomad about your dog. I’ve lost my share of pets. it hurts.

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