My dog ate half a pound of chocolate today

While I was at the grocery store she got up on the counter and ripped the bag open,

Eating most of the bakers chocolate.

She only weighs 8lbs herself, so I was terrified.

Rushed her to the vet,

Induced vomiting,

Gave her activated charcoal.

$400 later they’re saying they think she’ll be okay.

Little jerk, I hope she’s okay,

I love this dog.


Pheeeeeeew !!! That could have been curtains.


Oh wow!
Thank goodness she’s ok.
Chocolate is toxic to doggies!

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Oh noes! I’m glad to hear she’s ok :slight_smile:

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How scary! Glad they think she’ll be alright.

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omg that is horrible…sorry it cost you so much…right now we owe the vet over $750…working on paying it off…

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I’m glad she’s okay. Pets are the best but sometimes when they get into trouble it scares me. My cat got stuck in a tree the other day (really) and I was terrified.

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@wave is right. Never give a dog chocolate. Just for curiosity sake you might want to do a search online for the list of things that dogs shouldn’t eat.


Don’t give them chicken bones either. They will break and can cut the dog up or puncture their throat when they try to swallow it.


Dogs shouldn’t eat onions either!
They are also toxic to dogs.


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