My doctor typed out a long letter about me

She had to write a long letter to the company who gives high school equivalency tests. The letter was basically the first “official” thing I’ve seen written about my illness. It was kind of depressing… she said that she purposely tried to make my illness sound as bad as possible while still telling the truth…

I’m not going to share the whole letter on this site but here are some paraphrased snippets that I remember… (the letter is lying around somewhere)

"I have been seeing David since October 2014… when I first saw him he was extremely anxious, paranoid, depressed, and disorganized…did not start having mental health issues until middle and high school… starting exhibiting reclusive behaviors in high school… absolutely needs an extra room for testing… believes at times that others are reading his mind… "

that’s some of what I can remember off the top of my head. I feel a little more clear about what has happened to me now that my doctor has made things more official.

Don’t worry about it I recently recieved everything my mental health center would willingly give (for 9 dollars) and though there was nothing of the sort of thing I’ve seen that caused me the concern of requesting said records there were all sorts of rediculous things said. Like that I “started using alcohol in my teens so that I could have a social life” I never said this and nothing could be further from the truth, I didn’t even experience social anxiety until years after I first became a drinker and it remained a mainly recreational social thing throughout my teens. I simply never said this. At least it isn’t slander, for that is why I requested my records as I’ve had such as retribution from less mature doctors.

That’s annoying that they made stuff up about you. Sometimes my old therapist would kind of invent symptoms as his own way of reassuring himself that he knew what was going on. :confused:

Why as bad as possible?

I hope it all works out for you.

My best guess is that she doesn’t feel like typing out another letter if the company thinks my illness isn’t “bad enough”.


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Her job is to convince them to give you the consideration you need. Similarly, when people apply for disability, it’s wise to describe how you are on a bad day, not a good one. It’s the bad days that are the problem for people; they’re why disability is necessary.

I wouldn’t feel too badly about it, @Bluey2. She wants you to have the best possible opportunity to succeed, and so she is doing her part to get that for you.

Hopefully the test won’t come up on a day when you’re paranoid, anxious around other people, and concerned that people can read your mind. It might, though, and if it does, you’ll be grateful for these allowances.

(mine would look god-awful, by the way. “unable to make eye contact or hold a conversation, spends in excess of 16 hours a day in bed, extremely paranoid, convinced she is a demon, excessive spending she believes is under the direction of a deceased cat, sets booby traps in home to alert her to people entering while she is out, etc, etc.” I’m generally in much better shape than that, but if my doctor was making it sound as bad as possible while still being true? Yikes.)